Slim Girls Box of Secrets

Barbara Fyles, originally published in her "The Doctors Wife" column



Breakthrough discovery regulates the quantity of calories and fat you take in and store - quite simply you don't take in any more than you actually need!


  • Truly diet free solution
  • Fast, effective and permanent
  • Guaranteed weight loss
  • Completely natural
  • No more yo-yo dieting
  • Eat whatever you like
  • No strenuous exercise
  • No pills, potions or supplements

AT LAST: A Simple Fat Loss Solution that really works for people who've had enough disappointment ... people who are tired of the half-truths peddled by the diet industry ... and people who are just fed up with all the temporary solutions out there!

WE PROMISE YOU: Within hours you'll notice a HUGE change in your attitude towards food ... within days, a MASSIVE impact on your calorie and fat intake ... and within 4 weeks, a PERMANENT drop in your dress size!

ali_straightYou're about to discover probably the most responsible, highly effective, natural, and simple weight loss system ever devised. More and more people including celebrities, rock stars and even royalty, are realising that the ONLY way to lose weight permanently, is to reprogramme their mind and body so they naturally take in EXACTLY the right amount of energy their body actually needs.

Now, Ali Campbell, professional therapist, master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and highly successful celebrity life coach has developed a unique 100% guaranteed system that automatically regulates your food and fat intake so you can simply become slim and your body will naturally compensate for any over indulgence ... and the best part is, it is a truely diet free solution!

It's immediate, it works, and above all it's permanent
(... and we've got the testimonials to prove it)!

Whether you want to finally end your 'Yo-Yo dieting', whether you've tried and failed with every other weight loss product on the market or you simply can't say no to a cream cake ... then this new system is exactly what you've been looking for!

If you're truly serious about losing weight safely, permanently and without the need for diet pills, food supplements, restricted eating plans or any other temporary gimmicks (... and especially if you just can't seem to budge those stubborn fat deposits from your hips, thighs or derriere) ... then make sure you read every word on this webpage.

weightlosspromise2"I weighed myself on the 23rd of August, the day I ordered my box. Now, on the 21st of Sept, I've lost 17 and a half pounds in weight!!!!!"

Why these revolutionary new techniques are different from anything you've ever seen before ...
  • There's NO dieting and NO counting calories - This might work for a while but do you really want to be counting calories and going hungry for the rest of your life to maintain your ideal body weight? This system will naturally take in only what you need - forever.

  • There are NO food supplements or meal replacements - At best these will only work temporarily and at worst, they can be downright dangerous. And what happens when you stop using them? That's right, you pile on the pounds once again! These are often little more than just a rip-off to keep you going back for more.

  • There are NO drugs or pills - Do you really believe you can lose weight permanently by popping diet pills or any other drugs that are designed to suppress your appetite? Putting aside the potential dangers and nasty side effects, it's a fact that you'll almost certainly regain the weight as soon as you stop taking them.

  • There's NO strenuous exercise or sweating in the gym - Nothing wrong with this if you want to do it but many naturally slim people don't have to in order to keep their weight down so why should you?

  • There's NO watching what you eat - The same as counting calories. Unless you want to watch what you eat for the rest of your life and deal with the misery of going without, then you need to do something different.

But you don't need to take our word for it...

Journalist Emma Robertson tested the system out independently and wrote on MSN:

"... my self-esteem and energy crept-up while cravings for comfort food began to evaporate. I tested my resolution by tempting my tastebuds with my favourite chocolate - but when it came to the crunch I didn't enjoy the taste and I chucked it in the bin...

... These days, if I feel the cravings sneak-up, I simply trance-out on-demand which puts me back on track and is far easier to maintain longterm than any fad diet I've tried in the past. For the first time ever, I finally feel in control around food, instead of it controlling me."

Read the full article

So who is Ali Campbell and why
should you listen to him?

With the diet industry worth billions of pounds annually it's hardly surprising there are so many companies competing for a 'slice of the cake' so to speak. And while some programmes are sold with good intentions, the vast majority are deliberately designed to keep you coming back for more ... thriving off your failure ... and then feeding you more of their temporary 'fix' to keep the profits coming in.

It's a dirty secret of the weight loss industry and it's especially true of many food supplement companies ... diet pill/weight loss drug providers ... and even most eating plans!


FACT - Even if you did fantastically well and went down 70lbs using a conventional diet or appetite suppressing drugs, unless you address the underlying cause of your overeating or weight 'problem', you will NEVER get rid of that excess body fat permanently ...  you'll continue to have an ENDLESS struggle with guilt, failure and constant 'Yo-Yo' dieting ...


Think of it like this ...

Giving an overeater a diet sheet is like
sticking a plaster on a gaping wound ...

Any diet is only a short term 'fix' with possible long term health implications.

But now, Ali Campbell, master of Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) and one of the world's leading professional therapists (... with a client list including celebrities, rock stars and even royalty) has spent years studying the unconscious psychological behaviours of thousands of naturally slim people and how they regulate their food and drink intake.

And as a former professional athlete with first hand experience of the effort (... and misery) of trying to follow a strict and often unnatural eating regime in order to maintain an ideal body weight, there is no-one better to understand the psychological reasons why people overeat in the first place.

But after seeing countless members of his client list being ripped off time after time with various diet and eating plans, appetite suppressing drugs and impossible exercise programmes, let alone the stresses and anguish they were causing, he decided to do something about it.

Which is why his incredible new weight loss system treats the problem completely differently and goes much further than anything else available - it gets right to the heart of the issue ... literally changing the way you think about food forever ... finally 'curing' you of overeating ... and solving your underlying 'weight problem' permanently!

Of course, you can still enjoy all your favourite foods and really relish mealtimes BUT you will automatically stop eating when you have taken in sufficient calories ... and should you 'force' yourself to overindulge you'll easily and swiftly compensate the next day.

If you've tried and failed with all the fad diets, the pills, the low carbs/low fat eating plans and you're as heavy now (or heavier) than when you started ... then this programme is exactly what you've been looking for.

So many people are getting excited about this new programme as they discover that this is the LAST TIME they ever need to think about their weight or appearance.

Some facts for you -

Why Dieting Doesn't Work!

Practically everyone who goes on a diet to lose weight is wasting their time, woman_scales.jpgeffort, energy and money, especially in the longer term. In fact, dieting to lose weight can even have severe health implications and it can certainly damage your metabolism - your body's natural fat burning 'engine' that needs to be fuelled correctly throughout the day ...

Low calorie plans just don't work. Certainly not for long anyway. Starving yourself of the calories your body needs will ruin all chances of losing weight for good because your metabolism adjusts and slows down as you reach the dreaded 'dieting plateau' ... that awful moment when your body starts to actually use less calories in order to survive on the tiny amount you're taking in.

Not only do you stop losing fat but other things suffer instead ... many people report being continually cold and listless, a slowing of their hair and nail growth or even their hair falling out!

But the worst part is, even when low calorie diets fail and the 'victims' return to their old eating habits, their metabolism never seems to recover without drastic and massive exercise.

Which means because your body uses less calories than it used to, you will gain weight more easily than before ... consequently piling on the pounds you've lost, plus some extra besides.

But it gets worse ...

Research shows that for every 14lbs of weight you lose like this ... around 4lbs of it will be water ... around 3lbs lean muscle tissue ... and around 7lbs will be fat ...

Come off the diet however and you'll almost certainly regain the 4lbs of water BUT also around 10lbs of fat! The lean muscle tissue will have gone for good (... unless you get back in the gym and build it up). In other words ...


upset_woman.jpgWhat about low carb diets? Well they can work in the short term but they're so difficult to follow for most people and more importantly they'll zap your energy levels because carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy in the first place. Not only that, in some cases you must cut out carbs completely and even one slip can negate all the effort you've put in previously.

It's almost impossible to remain on this type of diet for long because they're just plain impractical. If you're not sure about this, imagine trying to live for any length of time without bread, fruit, alcohol, potatoes, cereal, sugar, etc ... (and yes, low carb diets do make you miserable as well)!

It's the same with low fat diets! Nearly everyone nowadays is aware of the fat in their foods and more and more people are going for the 'low fat' option. So why are more and more people becoming obese?

The truth is, we need a certain amount of fat in what we eat ... and not eating any doesn't mean that we can't gain any weight because our bodies manufacture fat from everything else that we eat. Let's face it, there's not a whole lot of fat in beer and wine but drink enough of either and you will soon see your weight soar.

Making the same mistake of 'going on a diet' over and over again will leave you with the same results over and over again. Yes, you may lose some weight temporarily, but you'll almost certainly become fatter in the long run.

Why Pills, Supplements or Food Replacements Don't Work!


Many of these work by suppressing your appetite or making you feel like you're full up,whilst some of the latest generation diet drugs work by stopping your body from absorbing some of the fat from the food you do eat.

Stopping your body from absorbing fat sounds ideal but the problem with this approach is that we NEED to eat certain fats to remain healthy and these 'drugs' don't differentiate ... AND when you read the small print it turns out that you still need to go on a low calorie and low fat diet - in fact if you don't, the effect on normally healthy body functions can be disastrously unpleasant and messy.

As for pills, supplements or anything artificial designed to make you believe you're full - you may expect to have nasty side effects and maybe even severe health implications ... do you think the companies supplying them to you (often unregulated back street or third world operations, making Multi-Millions of Pounds in profits) care about your health and well being?

Tricking your metabolism artificially is one thing but do you really want to be taking drugs for the rest of your life?

Why just doing more excercise won't work!

Of course exercise is a good thing. No-one in their right mind would deny that but it's a myth that you can only get thin by spending hours sweating in the gym.

In fact in some cases, strenuous exercise on it's own can cause you to put more weight on because you need more calories to sustain your body's energy requirements. But without the right attitude and relationship to food you can end up overeating to compensate ... and yes that often involves 'nibbling' or grabbing a chocolate bar to give you that instant energy boost!

Naturally Slim people don't have to spend hours in the Gym, so why should you? It's obviously not the answer

Natural Approach.gif

FACT - When you eat more calories than your body actually needs, your body stores the excess as fat in places you don't want it. It's not your fault but it IS the reason.

The typical way that most people try to lose weight is to 'go on on a diet' which involves artificially controlling their calorie intake, in opposition with their instinctive desires and usually also eating at set times throughout the day. Unfortunately this is effectively over-riding your body's natural signals to eat when it needs to. And by not listening to these signals, your body goes into automatic survival mode, manufacturing and grabbing every bit of fat it can from the food you do eat and storing it for later.

But it's no use trying to fight what happens naturally ...

Your body is far too sophisticated for ordinary dieting to ever work for long and although obesity is a relatively recent ailment, you can't overcome a metabolic and psychological system that has taken millions of years to evolve ...

If you want to lose weight permanently you simply need to work with your body's inbuilt signals and programming, not against it.

There was a system that just helped you regulate what you eat? What if there was something that would enable you to become one of those people who seemingly eat whatever they want without ever putting on weight? ...

There was a system that was completely different from anything you've seen before that would enable you to drop at least Slim_girl2.jpgtwo dress sizes in the next 28 days ... and then lose as much fat as you want, thereafter maintaining your ideal weight?

Too good to be true? Heard it all before? Actually not ... now you can forget all the other temporary solutions that you've tried in the past and prepare to discover the PROVEN permanent solution that, until now, has only been available to the rich, famous and well connected ...


Of course some people who have struggled with their weight for what feels like 'forever' may be nervous of accepting this, but this is exactly what this new system can do for you ... and it has absolutely nothing to do with dieting or going to the gym.

Instead, this process involves naturally changing certain elements of your psychological make up so that your body only takes in just the right amount of calories and fat to maintain your perfect weight and shape.


The revolutionary new 'Slim Girl's Box of Secrets' is the result of many years of studying why some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want without getting fat whilst many others appear to eat less but struggle with weight issues all their lives. It contains everything you'll ever need to enable your body to melt away fat permanently without dieting, drugs, impractical eating regimes, strenuous exercise or anything artificial at all...

The truth is that food has NEVER been the problem ...

It's the way you react to food, especially 'addictive' foods like chocolate, crisps, biscuits, cakes, bread and alcohol. Let's face it, very few people overindulge in salads, but don't worry, we're not suggesting you have to start living on lettuce and tomatoes!

One of the things this system will do is modify your reaction to those 'addictive' or 'trigger' foods so that you can still enjoy them whenever you like ... you'll simply find yourself eating more modest portions, less often, without you consciously having to think about it or make any effort at all.burger.jpg

IMAGINE IF you could open a bar of chocolate and not 'have to' eat the whole bar ... or just take one scoop of your favourite ice cream and put the pot away ... or leave the remainder of the bag of chips when you know you've had enough ...

Remember what journalist Emma Robertson said: "I tested my resolution by tempting my tastebuds with my favourite chocolate - but when it came to the crunch I didn't enjoy the taste and I chucked it in the bin...Read the full article

Now imagine that a friend arrives with a bag of doughnuts (cream cakes, biscuits, or whatever) and nothing happens. No craving, no wanting, no desire, you don't have to help her eat them all!

Or how about you no longer feel that you 'have to clear your plate'? Instead, you will stop eating when you know you've had enough and not feel any guilt ... nor will you have those awful feelings that you've wasted food ... let's be honest, whether you put the fat in the bin or on your waist, if you didn't need it, it's still wasted!

WHAT IF your brain just ignored any unhelpful cravings or desires and produced NO chemical or electrical reaction that made you want to eat when you don't need to?

How powerful would that be in getting the slim body you've always dreamed of ... and keeping it that way?

AND WHAT IF 'snacking' was fine and you could eat as often as you want, maybe even six or seven smaller meals spaced throughout the day to keep your energy levels up, if you want to ... and you were NEVER hungry?

It's incredibly powerful yet that's just the start of what this amazing new programme can do for you ...


"Quite simply, diets don't work - it is our brain which controls our eating, not our stomach.

The permanent solution lies not in any diet but in modifying the signals from the brain and our reaction to them.

This is the ‘key secret’ to the seemingly impossible goal of losing weight and keeping it off.

For any weight loss programme to succeed, it is imperative that it provides a means of reducing the appetite drive, rather than artificially limiting food intake – otherwise the subject will simply regain the weight soon after they cease adhering to the restrictive regime.

This approach is revolutionary and it is the only approach that is guaranteed to be successful long term."

Consciously skipping meals, avoiding snacks, and severely restricting your calorie intake are actually the primary reasons that most diets fail. Nature intended us to eat when we are hungry, NOT at set times through the day. Whoever said you have to eat breakfast, lunch and an evening meal for a healthy balanced lifestyle? It's up to your body to send an impulse to your mind when you need to eat ... and just how much.

Once you begin using the PROVEN 'Slim Girl's Box of Secrets' system you will be able to eat what you want, when you want to eat it ... your subconscious mind will still let you know when you're hungry but you will no longer want to eat just because you 'fancy' something!

Here's a small sample of what will happen for you and what you'll discover when you start using this proven, effortless fat loss system:

  • You'll NATURALLY eliminate cravings - Whether you just can't say no to that extra helping of roast potatoes ... you fantasize about ice cream ... or willpower goes out the window when it comes to chocolate cake!

  • Comfort eating will become a thing of the past - You'll 'switch off' the need for comfort foods and cease to binge on foods you like just because you had a bad day at work or the cat has shredded the new furniture ... even in the most stressful situations you simply won't have that awful uncontrollable impulse to eat!

  • You'll feel fitter and healthier - Almost immediately, you'll find yourself 'reprogrammed' so your body will let you know when it's time to eat and you'll only ever have the inclination for just the right amount of food at the right intervals ... you'll even notice that you tend to make healthier choices.

  • You'll understand how to work 'with' your metabolism - So everyday activities will burn more fat ... whether you're working, playing or even sleeping!

  • You'll learn an advanced NLP technique that will stop you 'reacting' if you see a cream cake, smell a bag of chips or get a taste of any other thing you fancy - Within hours this technique alone can change your thoughts and attitude towards eating 'addictive' food and those that 'trigger' cravings and bingeing so that you only ever DESIRE to eat what your body actually needs!

  • How just sitting can make you lose weight - Yes it's true, even just sitting can help you burn excess body fat when you follow the system completely!

  • How you can burn more calories without strenuous exercise! - To speed up your weight loss even further, if you want to, you'll learn some simple movements to do at home that will help you lose weight and become more active while using everyday items around the house!

  • You'll discover how, by eating MORE, as nature intended, you can become THIN instead of eating less which will ultimately make you FAT!

  • Why you don't need willpower - The real reasons why 'going without' is actually bad for you and will ultimately leave you putting on more weight than when you started!

  • How to eliminate Yo-Yo dieting - You'll never feel ashamed or embarrassed as you tell your friends that you're on a diet yet AGAIN ... you'll lose your weight quickly and you'll finally keep it off once and for all.

  • How you can use the one single asset that every one of us is born with yet virtually none of us use in our daily lives, to regulate the quantity of calorie and fat you take in and store - Use this properly and you'll never worry about your weight again!


The 'Slim Girl's Box of Secrets' is not just about losing weight permanently, it's a complete system that will change the way your body looks ... a system that will enable you to make the very best of every one of your assets ... and ultimately a system that will give you a whole new confidence in yourself and everything you do ...


You'll finally be delighted every time you look in the mirror ... and, if you want to, you can become the type of 'Slim Girl' that draws envious glances from everybody around her ... !



  • When you start using these techniques, in no time you'll see the stubborn fat 'melting' away from those areas of your body where you've dreamed of losing it the most ... from your hips, stomach, thighs and of course your rear.
  • You'll notice an almost instant boost to your energy levels and your self-esteem will rocket when others around you notice and start commenting on how 'well' you're looking lately!
  • In no time you'll see an improvement in your relationship as you naturally become more attractive to your partner or other people if you're in the running for a new relationship.
  • You'll feel happier within yourself, along with much more confidence because your social life will no longer revolve around 'going without' and saying "NO" because you're on a diet!
  • You'll feel fitter and healthier with an enthusiastic zest for life that will have people around you wondering what's your secret!
  • You'll soon be able to dig out that dress from the back of the wardrobe that you swore you'd wear again one day!


Pat dropped to a size 12 - and has kept the weight off!

After trying just about everything else and failing miserably Pat was on the verge of giving up. But now, after using these techniques, she's not only lost the weight, but she's also kept it off!

Using unique, simple and proven psychological triggers she has naturally remapped the way her subconscious mind makes her behave towards food ... which means she no longer feels the desire to overeat and the weight she'd been carrying for years just fell away.

Stories like these aren't one offs either. We have countless stories from people who are finally discovering that the ONLY way to lose weight for good is to change their subconscious behaviours which cause them to either crave certain foods or overindulge once they start eating. But that doesn't mean not enjoying a slice of cake, another piece of chocolate or any other of life's little treats ...

In fact with this system you can eat virtually anything you like, whenever you like ... you just won't WANT to eat so much of it that's all!

It's time to rip up the diet sheet ... forget calorie counting ... and never again feel guilty if you take an extra biscuit ...

... and even if you do choose to overindulge, your newly 'remapped' subconscious behaviours will simply compensate for it!

You can finally take control of your life and start living without guilt, the need for willpower or any other destructive thoughts and feelings that are ruining your chances of success.

So what's in the 'Box of Secrets'?

teaser_box.jpgThe Slim Girls Box of Secrets formula is now being discovered by more and more people all over the world ... it is the key secret to how many celebrities, rock stars and even royalty look fabulous and maintain fit and healthy bodies despite their gruelling lifestyles.

Starting now, you can take the first step to getting EVERYTHING you'll ever need to become slim and healthy ... and to look exactly the way you've always wanted, with the least amount of effort possible- quickly and MORE importantly - PERMANENTLY.

Presented as a step-by-step formula consisting of two high quality DVDs, two professionally recorded CDs and a beautifully bound reference book - The first DVD explains exactly how everything works and demonstrates the simple behaviour remapping process with a real subject, whilst two professionally recorded CDs are the 'real key secret' and are used regularly to remap and modify the subconscious behaviours that lead to overeating and food cravings.

The accompanying book explains the whole process in detail and acts as a 'handbook' for the system ... as well as providing amazing exercises to increase relaxation, self confidence and motivation. The second DVD demonstrates some simple movements which can boost your metabolic rate and hence speed up your weight loss as well as naturally toning your body, whilst the package is completed with a unique 'style kit' that you can begin using immediately, that will enable you to always make the best of your appearance from the very instant you open the box.


Of course we understand that anyone who's struggled with their weight, especially those who've had a lifetime of Yo-Yo dieting may well need a little help, support and encouragement along the way, from someone they can trust. Sometimes you just need a friendly face to let you know that you're going in the right direction!

That's why, even though The Slim Girl's Box of Secrets contains everything you'll ever need to lose weight naturally and permanently, it also comes with six months unlimited access to our exclusive members only website where you'll get free personal support from Ali Campbell himself, as well as some of the top personal development experts in the world. Remember, these are the same experts who continue to help many of the most famous celebrities on the planet!

If you ever feel the need for advice, help or support, or you are simply 'having a bad day' then you know that there's always someone here for you. In fact if you have any doubts about anything at all, you're always free to email Ali and the team, who will be only too happy to gently help you sort things out.

Our Unique Community Forum

And as well as all the professional support, you get instant access to our exclusive private members forum. If there's one thing that stands out more than anything else from the clients we've worked with, it's the fact that one of the best ways to stay positive about the changes you are making is to be in regular contact with people who are all in the 'same boat' as it were.support_forum.jpg

Within the forum you'll quickly make new friends and relationships with people who are in exactly the same position as you. In fact because of our work with various celebrity clients all over the world, you could even be making friends with some of them (... although you may not always know it because they tend to use pen names)!

In other words you'll never feel that you're on your own. We're all here to help and support you to make sure you really do achieve the beautiful body you've always dreamed about and to finally live the relaxed, healthy and happy lifestyle that you know you deserve.

All This For An Amazingly Low One Time Payment

box_whitebg.jpgWe know the key secret to losing excess body fat and keeping it off for good is not the dark art the diet industry would have you believe, which is why you can get your very own Slim Girls Box of secrets for a low one time payment of £49.95 (plus postage and packing - £8.95 in the UK - see order page for other countries). That's it! There's NO extras, NO further charges and NO hidden costs.

Compare that to how much you'd be spending with WeightWatchers, LighterLife or any of the supplement companies that can often lead to you parting with hundreds or even thousands of pounds without any long term benefit. In fact why not click here for a comparison table and see for yourself. It'll soon become clear how our programme will save you many hundreds of pounds over ANY other approach whilst also being the best, most effective and ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION to getting slim and staying slim!

Remember there's NO ongoing payments to make, NO joining fees, NO membership fees, NO pressure to buy the weekly magazine or extra books, NO strange foods or supplements to buy, NO pills to take, in fact there are NO other payments necessary!

Even gym memberships cost upwards of several hundred pounds a year and those exercise machines that so many people buy with good intentions (... that usually just end up sitting in the garage gathering dust), will set you back a small fortune.

But you can get access to the life changing system in 'The Slim Girls Box of Secrets' today for a fraction of the cost of these other programmes and, just two days from now you'll have everything you'll ever need to lose weight quickly and effortlessly ... and to maintain your beautiful new body forever.

Oh, and don't forget that there is absolutely NO dieting or sweating in the gym required ...


Simply Click Here Now and in 48 hours you can have everything you need to be well on your way to dropping two dress sizes within the next 4 weeks!


We're totally confident that this is finally the programme you've been looking. We know it's the 'right way' to lose weight, so if you are serious about getting rid of your excess pounds and changing the way you take in and store fat and calories, naturally, and above all permanently then we want you to try this breakthrough new system completely risk free.

In fact, because we know THIS WORKS and there's no other programme that even comes close, we want to make you a weight loss promise:




If you're truly serious about losing weight WITHOUT the need for expensive (... and sometimes dangerous) drugs, pills, supplements, rigid eating plans or strenuous exercise, then the Slim Girls Box of Secrets is finally the answer you've been looking for.

And because we're so confident that what we say is true, we want you to try it out for yourself without any risk whatsoever!

Not only do we offer our unique weight loss promise -

Drop two dress sizes within the next 4 weeks or your money back ...

- we want you to be delighted, but if for ANY REASON AT ALL you're not, then feel free to return the box within 45 days, and we will immediately refund you the full purchase price. No quibble, no questions and we can still remain friends.


We want you to be absolutely delighted and 100% confident that this is the best way for you to achieve lasting and effective weight loss, or we'll give you your money back!



Does WeightWatchers offer a guarantee like this? How about LighterLife? What about the pill and supplement sellers? In fact how many programmes within the diet and weight loss industry are prepared to back up their claims with a full weight loss promise and an unconditional money back guarantee?

We think you know the answer!

Some Other Things We Thought You Might Like - For Free!

bonus_2.jpgBonus Item 1:
Ali Campbell's Fast Track to Success - Private Teleclass

Ali Campbell, will personally guide you in a private teleclass that will show you how to really get things moving FAST as you lose weight and feel fantastic about yourself at the same time.
You'll learn how to set goals that will really inspire you to great things in a unique broadcast that clearly lays out for you the powerful techniques he uses in the intensive sessions with some of his most exclusive clients ... people who really want to SEE RESULTS NOW!

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Patrick Swan has been styling the rich and famous for over 20 years. From Madonna's first album cover to The Clothes Show, from Style Challenge to LK Today, he's done it all. Here for the first time EVER Patrick shares his secrets of an eternally ageless face. In only 6 steps he'll show you how to look magically different and years younger in a process that he's refined over his many years at the very top of his profession.

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This really is the ONLY way to get slim ... and stay slim permanently ... to finally feel fantastic every time you look in the mirror, without taking any daft pills, potions or supplements, counting calories or points, sweating in the gym, or attending boring so called 'motivation' or 'therapy' sessions every week. And all this can be effortlessly achieved totally naturally and healthily and at a fraction of the cost of virtually any other weight loss programme out there!


Just like Francesca who has dropped two dress sizes since starting the programme or Lisa who lost a stone (14lbs) in just three weeks despite looking after 5 children!

Simply click here for access to your own 'Slim Girl's Box of Secrets' - today.

Remember this is a completely diet free solution - a healthy, responsible and NATURAL method of permanently losing weight safely, effectively and fast that is being used with HUGE success by satisfied clients all over the world (... including celebrities, rock stars and even Royalty)!

You can eat what you like, whenever you like and still lose weight ... and you never have to go hungry!

There's NO ongoing monthly fees, in fact NO other costs at all ... and the whole programme is brought to you for a low one time payment ... a fraction of the cost of other well known weight loss systems!

And don't forget this whole programme is covered by our unique weight loss promise -

Drop 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks or your money back!

In fact, you can simply try it out risk free for 45 days. Order your box today, see what's on offer, try out this system for yourself, check out the world class members only website, we want you to be delighted but if for ANY REASON AT ALL you are not, then feel free to return the box within 45 days, and we will immediately refund you the full purchase price.

No quibble, no questions and we can still remain friends.