Slim Girls Box of Secrets

About The Slim Girl's Team

Because we're genuinley passionate about helping people just like you to lose weight fast and keep it off for good, this isn't one of those programmes that's designed to keep taking your money month after month after month.

That's why the box contains absolutely EVERYTHING you'll ever need to lose weight, quickly, effectively and above all, permanently. But that doesn't mean we're not going to support you ...

FREE support from some of the best self-development experts in the world ...

Whether you're simply having a 'bad day' ... you're in need of a few tender words of encouragement ... or you just need to get something off your chest, The Slim Girls Box of Secrets comes with immediate access to the members area of our world class website where you'll be able to get unparalleled personal email support from Ali and his team. You really will be able to 'join in' ...

Meet the team:-
  • Ali Campbell

    Ali Campbell

    Ali Campbell is an internationally acclaimed life coach; he has built an enviable reputation as a highly motivational Coach, Presenter, Therapist and Personal Trainer. An advisor to celebrities, business leaders and politicians and even royalty around the world. Ali is widely featured in the media, on Television, Radio and in print. He is uniquely placed to assist you to reach your goals.

  • Dr Carole McAlister

    Dr Carole McAlister

    Dr Carole is a Private GP in the West End of Glasgow. She believes in the "healthy mind, healthy body" approach, and spends a lot of time with her patients talking about the prevention of illness and risk reduction.

  • Alicia Eaton

    Alicia Eaton

    Alicia Eaton is a qualified hypnotherapist and Master of NLP who has contributed to Natural Health and Good Housekeeping magazines as well as BBC radio. She specialises in working with children, so if your family are driving you to the biscuit tin or if you just want to take them on your journey with you then Alicia may have just the answers you want...

  • Colin McKeand

    Colin McKeand

    Author and Broadcaster Colin McKeand is a Nutritionalist and specialises in ‘eating for energy’. Although we know that weight management is all about your relationship with food and not the food itself, Colin can show you how some small changes to the things you eat can have you feeling better and bursting with more energy in no time at all.

  • Annie Ashdown

    Annie Ashdown

    Annie Ashdown the resident Life Coach on ITV’s Kyle’s Academy and contributor to Zest, Slim at Home, She and Prima Magazine specialises in confidence building and relationships. Time pressure, stress and other emotional situations can create food demons that drive us to eat…Annie speaks from personal experience about breaking the emotional attachments many people have with food…

  • Michael Neill

    Michael Neill

    Michael Neill is a Hollywood super coach. He coaches movie moguls, rock stars and royalty. He is an expert on succeeding with practically no effort by mastering the "principles of thought". All too often people make change much harder than it needs to be, Michael will always show you how to do it the easy way!

  • Jennifer Louden

    Jennifer Louden

    Jennifer Louden is known as "The Comfort Queen" and featured on many globally recognised TV shows, including Oprah, with over 800,000 copies of her first book sold internationally. She is the world's leading authority on carving out the time and desire to look after your own well being and achieve more with less stress despite having a very busy life.

  • Patrick Swan

    Patrick Swan

    Patrick Swan is the original celebrity stylist who has styled everyone from Madonna, to Julia Roberts, Raquel Welch, Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Thurman. Patrick's London based practice specialises in applying A-list secrets to the real world.

  • Nicky Hambleton-Jones

    Nicky Hambleton-Jones

    Nicky presented 5 series of 10 Years Younger, the UK's leading makeover show, and is the driving force behind the UK's number one style consultancy with her team of expert stylists. As you've probably seen on TV, there are simple and easy ways to lose years and pounds by making a few simple adjustments to your wardrobe. Nicky's NHJ Style team will help you to look your best. No matter your age, size or shape we're here to help.

  • Alba Feely

    Alba Feely

    Alba is Ali's personal trainer! Quite possibly the friendliest girl on the planet. She is an expert in the small exercises that make a big difference. Alba doesn’t believe in ‘sweating it out’ in the gym, but everybody knows that moderate exercise is good for you, will help you lose weight more quickly and tone you up. Alba has some clever techniques and moves which, if you want to, you can do at home using ordinary everyday items and that fit around a busy lifestyle.

  • Peta Heskell

    Peta Heskell

    Peta Heskell is known as The Original Flirt Coach and has been on just about every TV and radio show you can imagine. Her expertise is all things relationship and uses flirting as a powerful metaphor for effective communication whether that's with loved ones, friends or in the workplace. If there are relationships in your life that are holding you back (or making you eat) then Peta can help you.. and make it fun...

  • Danielle Collins

    Danielle Collins

    Danielle Collins is a renowned Wellbeing Coach. She is the U.K's leading Face Yoga Expert, a qualified and insured Yoga Teacher, Professional Relaxation Therapist and Nutritionist. Danielle draws on her own experience as well as years of coaching others to help you look and feel fit, healthy, energised and calm.

  • Janice Pitman

    Janice Pitman

    Stylist specializing in helping women to make the most of what they have with fabric, make up and colour.

  • Chantelle Znideric

    Chantelle Znideric

    Chantelle specialises in: Looking great on a budget, shopping for a special occasion and dressing for 'your' shape

  • Sarah-Jane Hunter

    Sarah-Jane Hunter

    Sarah is a Personal Trainer specializing in: Weight Loss, Toning, Personal Training, and video tutorials, lots of which are on this site for you.

  • Kerry Hales

    Kerry Hales

    Kerry loves coaching from the heart and help with all types of issues, always with a smile and a natural curiosity.