Slim Girls Box of Secrets

Our Ethics

ethicalapproach.jpgWe believe that 'The Slim Girl's Box of Secrets' is a practical, ethical and balanced approach to sustained weight loss for adults with long term health benefits. We don't believe in traditional 'diets' and certainly not in pills and potions or surgery unless it is medically essential.

In addition to helping you lose weight in what we think is the most sensible way possible we want to help reverse the huge obesity problem facing youngsters and which is fast becoming a global condition. We can't think of a better way to help shape future generations than helping our children to eat and think healthily.

For that reason the Slim Girl's Team aim to contribute to charitable organizations who strive to educate children on healthy eating.

Astoundingly there are hundreds of thousands of children who arrive at school every morning without having had any breakfast at all, or if they have, it has been far from the healthy well balanced meal that they need in order to be ready to learn effectively and maintain their attention throughout the morning.

So while helping you to lose weight easily we do our best to put something back into the wellbeing of future generations.

In addition to this, we're trying very hard to leave the planet in a good state for them too so we're working very hard to minimize the environmental impact our business has and offset our emissions and of course the natural resources used to create the beautiful box itself. We already use recycled materials wherever we can and we are in the process of introducing a scheme to measure our entire carbon footprint and to more than compensate for it by planting new trees and pursuing other novel initiatives.

If you have any unusual suggestions as to how we could compensate for the carbon we produce or reduce the impact of what we do then please let our environmental team know... We'd love to hear from you, email:

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