Slim Girls Box of Secrets

Our Unique Weight Loss Promise

Drop 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks or your money back!

weightlosspromise2In fact if you're not happy for any reason within 45 days of ordering you can get a full refund - no questions asked!

Naturally we'd be very disappointed if you felt our programme couldn't help you achieve the body of your dreams, but our primary focus is to make sure you find the solution that works best for you.

So, if for any reason you feel we haven't lived up to our promise, and delivered everything we said we would, then of course we'll happily refund your money in full. There'll be no questions and no silly conditions. Which means to say you can buy your box with total confidence ...

Try everything out for yourself ... see the amazing benefits, read the book, watch the DVDs, listen to the CDs, do your own analysis with the style kit and use the website as much as you like for a full 45 days from delivery of your box.

If in that time you really can't see how this programme can help you become slimmer, happier, and more fulfilled, with the body you've always dreamed about, simply return it and we'll refund your money immediately (and of course we'll still remain friends)!